Advantages of Efficient Mobile Design for Self-Service

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Advantages of Efficient Mobile Design for Self-Service

We all know that the number of consumers using mobile devices has climbed steadily and the amount of time spent on those devices has risen as well. As a result, more and  more customers now search for products and services exclusively from smartphones and tablets. And, as they search, more and more are now accessing the self-service sections on company websites.

According to a recent survey conducted by Software Advice, a company that reviews self-service technology, on Mobile Self-Service on Fortune 500 B2C Websites, if these website sections aren't easy to read and navigate, customers are likely to become frustrated and give up, increasing the chance they'll call a company's customer service line for support.

Although this increased phone traffic can be costly, many companies lag behind when it comes to making their sites mobile-friendly.  Software Advice surveyed 385 respondents to learn the most common inconveniences when it comes to viewing a website on a mobile device and what effect these frustrations have on consumers. Then, Software Advice surveyed 100 B2C Fortune 500 companies.

Even though the sampling is B2C Fortune 500 companies, the findings can easily be applied to B2B.

Key Findings of the Study

1. 60% of customers said they will call a company if they find its website to be inconvenient. This suggests that companies that don't take the necessary steps to make their website easy to access and navigate via mobile are likely to see a an increase in calls to customer service or even worse, a drop in business as the customer gives up and goes elsewhere.

2. The most common website inconveniences cited were difficult or poor navigation (31%), no clear search area (27%) and slow loading times (25%). Software Advice found  that 9% cited the website being too large for the screen, while 8% cited text that was too small or hard to read. As Software Advice notes, smaller mobile device screen will exacerbate issues such as small text and poor site navigation, making it more likely the customer will give up or call, rather than continuing the search.

Most Common Website Inconveniences
3. Among the 100 B2C companies, 87% had a website that was easily readable on a mobile device, while 63% had an effective form of  mobile self-service.

Software Advice warns that if the customer does reach the point where they pick up the phone, chances are they're already displeased.

And finally, Software Advice randomly selected 100 B2C businessfrom and examined each company's website via mobile and noted which of the following appeared when navigated to the homepage: 1) an independent mobile website, 2) the company's main site, featuring responsive design and 3) the main version of the website.
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Mobile Friendliness of B2C Fortune 500 Websites

72% of those sampled had an independent mobile site, while 16% had a website with responsive design. Only 12% had neither.

According to Itai Sudan, CEO of Duda, a DIY mobile and website builder, you'd see an even higher percentage that have neither responsive design nor an independent mobile site.

Software Advice believes that the high percentage of companies with an independent mobile site is because the companies invested in their site prior to responsive design becoming more prevalent.

So what can businesses do with these findings to ensure clients have a smooth, enjoyable experience when visit their website via mobile?

Evaluate Your Web Traffic.  Use a tool such as Google Analytics to determine how many clients are accessing your site via a mobile device. According to Nick Weynand, president and strategy director of Trademark Media, many industries will see 20% to 30% of traffic or even higher, come from mobile sources." In other words, if your company doesn't have a mobile-friendly site, you may be under-serving a sizable chunk of clients.

Responsive Design versus Independent Mobile Site. Some web professionals advise that only responsive design can best accommodate mobile users, while others maintain that a separate and independent mobile website can be just as effective. Each has it's pros and cons. A strong advantage for a responsive site is that any changes to the main site are automatically reflected when using mobile; however, a responsive site can be costly to implement. Not every company can afford to adopt responsive design.
vCita LiveSite is Designed for Mobile -
even if you haven't a mobile site.

An alternative for small business may be the vCita LiveSite Web Engagement Platform. Not only does vCita offer a dynamic client communications portal, but vCita also creates a method for clients to contact you via any mobile device. Essentially, vCita automatically creates a mobile version of the calls-to-action (e.g.; messaging, online scheduling) so a user doesn't search endlessly on your site or potentially call or just give up all together. vCita offers a mobile view that offers the website visitor an easy way to engage, on their terms, when it's convenient for them. On an iPhone, Android, tablet or "fablet," vCita responds according to the user's device, offering an optimal experience for the client.

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For more on this report, visit Software Advice.


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