Physical Therapist Flexes Website Muscle

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Physical Therapist Flexes Website Muscle


Clinic Offers Patients Greater Mobility & Flexibility with vCita LiveSite

• Removed the need and expense of hiring administrative staff
• 100% of all patient appointments are made online
• Prepayment and automated reminders eliminate no-shows

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Terry Kane, BPHE, BSC(PT) is a well-respected physical therapist and founder of and A graduate of the University of Toronto, Kane has over 25 years of hands-on experience in diagnosing, treating and designing rehabilitation programs for orthopaedic patients, including over 500 Olympic and professional athletes. He is a published author and editor, instructor and consultant in the field of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy.

Designing a Patient-Centric Practice
Kane decided to branch out and start his own physical therapy clinic. As with any new business, the upfront costs for the facility, equipment and other expenses were significant. Kane needed someone to help manage appointments, invoicing and payments, but wasn’t interested in spending a lot of time or money managing an administrator when his priority was patient care and building his practice. 

A fellow clinic owner mentioned to Kane that replacing his office administrator was going cost him an additional $30,000 per year when training and benefits for the new administrator was factored into the total cost. According to Kane, “It was a significant amount of money for a non-revenue generating position and really made me think twice about other options.” 

Undaunted, Kane sought a solution where he could book appointments, manage his business, deliver the highest possible standard of care without having to hire additional staff. To succeed, he needed to build a website that would help grow his practice, and facilitate client coordination and management. He began browsing the Internet and came upon a review of the vCita Web Engagement Platform. 

The Prescription is vCita
The vCita Web Engagement Platform transforms a static website into a vCita LiveSite, a portal that captures more business and helps deliver amazing service. In minutes, Kane integrated the platform into his website. After a trial, Kane knew instantly that “it was exactly what I was looking for and more.”
“Naturally when you purchase a product or service online, you’re skeptical,” says Kane. “But with vCita, it was completely transparent. It’s flexible and powerful. vCita has lived up to its word and continues to earn my business with new features I really love.” 
vCita Online Scheduling was just the beginning. vCita also offers a client management solution to organize and maintain communication with patients. This cloud-based contact management software helps Kane track all client communications and prompts him to follow up with clients. Kane then added vCita Online Payments and Invoicing for a complete web-to-end solution. 

A Mobile, Flexible, Patient-Focused Experience
All appointments are scheduled through Kane’s LiveSite. Patients select the type of appointment, as well as the date and time. Patients are directed to an online payment screen with the option of a credit card or PayPal. With just a few clicks, the process is completed and the appointment is booked and prepaid. Kane has also set vCita to automatically send reminders to notify patients of upcoming appointments. This has virtually eliminated no-shows.

“From day one, it was like magic and my patients love it,” says Kane. “Patients are empowered to book appointments whenever they want at a time that fits their schedule without having to speak with a busy receptionist. With an estimated 40 percent of Canadians looking to book healthcare appointments after normal business hours, a vCita LiveSite is the perfect solution.”  

vCita Online Payments and Invoicing “is fantastic for everyone,” says Kane.  Although the appointment and prepay process eliminates invoicing patients, when Kane contracts with local clinics he routinely submits invoices for payment.  Kane leverages the vCita invoice template to create professional, branded invoices, and then emails and tracks invoices through the vCita dashboard. 
“It’s a headache to type, mail and manage paper invoices. And, the payment cycle takes too long. With vCita, it takes just a minute to create and email the clinic invoices and accelerate the payment cycle. vCita eliminates the mundane tasks, streamlines processes and leaves me more time to care for my patients.” 
In addition to his own practice, Kane also manages, a national online directory consisting of 43 websites. vCita is deployed on all sites, providing visitors with a vehicle to instantly message Kane. vCita immediately notifies Kane of any inquiry and he can respond within seconds from his phone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world.  
“vCita has helped me successfully grow my practice without incurring additional overhead,” says Kane. “It’s well designed and has been the perfect solution. vCita LiveSite helps bring my websites and business to life.”  
For more information, visit vCita at, email or call 855-824-8244.  For a printer-friendly version, please click here.

Special thanks to Terry Kane, BPHE, BSC(PT) for sharing his story. 

Terry Kane Physical Therapy can be reached at

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