Mobile Tamale Dishes on vCita LiveSite: Online Scheduling Automates Deliveries

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Mobile Tamale Dishes on vCita LiveSite: Online Scheduling Automates Deliveries


vCita Helps Latino Cuisine Delivery Serve Up 500 Tamales Every Weekend 

• 70% of all orders are through vCita LiveSiteTM Web Engagement Platform
• Tamale lovers order and pay online with complete visibility to their order history through LiveSite Client Portal
• Platform is the foundation of growing e-commerce food delivery business

Mobile Tamale of Vancouver, Washington is a local food service company that delivers high quality, nutritious tamales from the kitchen to the client’s front door. Founded by Norma Du, originally from the Boca Del Rio, Veracruz, Mexico, Du has taken this traditional Central American dish and created a mobile food delivery service catering to the southwest Washington community.

A Pickle Marketing Tamales
Norma Du began making and selling tamales when the recession impacted her house cleaning business. Tamales, considered a Holiday treat, were commonly sold by the Hispanic community during difficult economic times as an alternative income source. Du had always given tamales as gifts to valued clients so when her clients began ordering more tamales, Du knew she had a business opportunity.

Norma Du was receiving phone orders for tamales and her business grew. Former clients and referrals kept her busy and it was profitable. But she needed a better process than phone orders as her phone was ringing off the hook. She discussed her idea with Mickey Hayes, owner of One World Computing Concepts. Du wanted to make it easy for clients to order tamales for delivery, but she also wanted a payment system as well. Hayes, an experienced online marketer and developer, looked for a solution.

vCita: Made to Order
Hayes wanted to build Du a website where clients could order and prepay for tamales for home delivery. He looked at online invoicing software, but most offered limited payment methods.
“Mobile Tamale needed a mobile-friendly, Google calendar compatible solution that would monetize the mobile tamale business. It had to be intuitive so anyone, anywhere could order from any device,“ says Hayes. “I found vCita and after careful consideration, decided the vCita Web Engagement Platform was the best solution.”
Hayes built and integrated the vCita LiveSite into the website. 

This web-to-end solution includes everything from the visitors first encounter with Online Scheduling and Online Payments to Client Management on the business end. The traditional, static Mobile Tamale website was transformed into a LiveSite, offering a dynamic self-service portal. Now Mobile Tamale had an interactive process to feed hungry tamale lovers through their website. Next, Hayes integrated the vCita Web Engagement Platform into the Mobile Tamale Facebook page. 
A Tasty User Experience
Tamale lovers easily order and schedule delivery through the Mobile Tamale LiveSite.
Once the order is placed, the client receives a confirmation with a summary of the order and the time of delivery. The entire order history is available through the vCita LiveSite Client Portal every time a tamale client returns to the Mobile Tamale website.

Mobile Tamale receives a text confirmation to her mobile phone with all order information.  And for tamale loving social media enthusiasts, they can like, share and easily order tamales right from Mobile Tamale’s Facebook page using the vCita Facebook app. 

Mobile Tamale is Cooking Up a Revolution 
Mobile Tamale is hot as approximately 70 percent of all orders come through vCita LiveSite with the rest being phone orders. Du’s alternative income business has been so successful that she has scaled back to pursue other interests. Even though her vCita LiveSite takes orders 24/7, she now schedules tamale delivery only from Saturday through Sunday, with 400 to 500 tamales being delivered every weekend between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

  “Who would’ve thought that such a simple idea as making tamales, and adding a dash of technology and creative thinking, would lead to a growing, e-commerce food service,” says Norma Du. “vCita took an ordinary website and transformed it into a LiveSite, creating new sales opportunities and helping me deliver amazing service eliminating time consuming coordination. vCita really is the reason Mobile Tamale exists." 
For more information, visit vCita at, email or call 855-824-8244. For a printer friendly version, click here.

Thanks to Norma Du, Owner of Mobile Tamale in Vancouver, Washington. Visit Mobile Tamale at or call 360.619.8197 

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