MamaRed Sees Green with vCita LiveSite: Automating Business Processes

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MamaRed Sees Green with vCita LiveSite: Automating Business Processes

MamaRed Automates Appointment Setting with vCita

Consultant Transforms Website to Engage Clients

• 100% of all appointments are made through vCita LiveSiteTM 
• Prepayment and automated reminders eliminate no-shows
• Clients love the convenience of online scheduling

MamaRed Knight collaborates with socially-conscious small businesses to create big-picture strategies and define next steps that build their bank account and reach more people and make sure they have fun doing it. She uses her 30 years as a business and content strategist to companies ranging from one person consultancies to multi-billion dollar international companies to improve ROI with systems, automation, processes and technology. An author of “21 Ways to Use 120 Characters to Boost Profits,” MamaRed looks forward to making businesses easier to run and more profitable.

Ending the Scheduling Madness
MamaRed’s consulting business was growing and she was booking meetings with clients in different cities and time zones. Getting the agreement to meet was easy. The hard part was scheduling the meeting. Often scheduling the meeting took more time than the meeting itself. MamaRed was spending more time scheduling meetings with clients than actually meeting with clients. As a business automation expert, MamaRed knew she had to streamline her calendaring process in order to succeed and focus on her clients’ needs.
MamaRed received an email invitation from vCita introducing their Web Engagement Platform and she liked what she saw.

It’s That Easy
In minutes, MamaRed registered and integrated the vCita Web Engagement Platform into her website. vCita transformed her website into a vCita LiveSite, offering a dynamic self-service portal for her clients.  MamaRed quickly branded her LiveSite with her logo and colors, and began testing the software.    

Houston, We have Lift-Off
After thoroughly testing the software, MamaRed began recommending vCita to her clients. She liked her vCita LiveSite so much she even adopted it as part of her client engagement tools.

Connecting with MamaRed is now hassle-free. Scheduling and rescheduling appointments is easy, streamlined and automated—exactly what MamaRed recommends to her clients. Both new and existing clients use vCita Online Scheduling as it’s simple, straight-forward and encourages engagement when interest is at its peak. Plus, vCita is available 24/7 so clients can engage anytime, anywhere, on any device.
My clients love the convenience,” says MamaRed. “I can also send a link to schedule time within an email or social media, and I have never had to tell a client how to use vCita as it’s so intuitive and easy to use.”

MamaRed loves how easy it is to share the scheduling links with others. Just copy and paste into an email and the client can click and schedule an appointment immediately. MamaRed relies on the automated notifications for new client messages, appointments and rescheduling requests. She also loves the ability to brand vCita with her website and all of her communications with clients—important when building a brand.

Love at First Byte
True to her nature, MamaRed integrated the vCita Web Engagement Platform into her business processes and automated the entire system. When a client visits MamaRed’s vCita LiveSite, the client can interact through her website via messaging or set an appointment. 

MamaRed says this automated system is responsive to her clients and they are delighted by the immediate attention. It also frees up more of her time to do what she does best—and that’s cooking up content and automating more processes for her many clients.
“I am a software addict. When I recommend software tool to a client, my reputation is on the line,” says MamaRed. “The vCita Web Engagement Platform helps differentiate me from the competition and helps my clients succeed. My vCita LiveSite is the perfect example of how a small business can automate processes while consistently delivering amazing service. vCita does everything it promises and more.
For more information, visit vCita at, email or call 855-824-8244. For a printer friendly version, click here.

MamaRed Knight--the content chef
MamaRed Knight

MamaRed Knight combines 30 years as a business consultant and strategist. She is an internationally known teacher, speaker, coach and consultant transforming business challenges into step-by-step solutions to build bank accounts and transform lives.

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