How SMBs Deliver Top Notch Service

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How SMBs Deliver Top Notch Service

As published in IT BusinessEdge | August 6, 2014 by Kim Mays

Web Engagement Platform Helps SMBs Deliver Top-Notch Online Customer Service

Customer service is something that many small to midsize businesses (SMBs) pride themselves on. And certainly, when your business is smaller, most employees can take the time to give personal attention on site or on the phone. But what about customers who engage your business online? Does your website leave them feeling cold and waiting for a response? 

One way to create a more welcoming online experience for your guests is via web engagement software. Recently, vCita, a leader in this industry for SMBs, launched its LiveSite digital concierge service. Using this platform, any SMB website can become an interactive site where customers can find information, make appointments and send messages. More>>

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