Contact Management Software Is Key in Client Retention

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Contact Management Software Is Key in Client Retention

Timing is everything in client retention. You need to follow-up with the client at the right time to earn future business. Emails, sticky notes and spreadsheets are all destined to be forgotten and in the end, you will lose the client. 

Big companies run expensive customized marketing automation and CRMs. As a small business, often you haven't the time or resources available to create the same process flow. A simple contact management software that tracks all client interactions and reminds you when it's time to follow-up can be pivotal in client retention.

Contact management software should:

• Create a client record  for every contact, including contact and social information, and additional details you might want to keep for every client, even documents.  

• Be accessible anytime, from anywhere so anyone on your team can access it.

• Easily integrate your existing contact lists so you don't need to start over or hand key information. 

• Keep not only contacts, but also all client communication and history—that's more of a CRM, but you definitely don't want to go search your email every time you want to review the history or conversation.

• Connect to your website. Every new contact should automatically go into your contact management software.  

• Offer the ability to organize contacts, review who's pending a response, and mark them for a follow-up when needed. 

vCita offers that does just that. Our contact management software does what you need and is integrated with your website. It's simple, easy to use and every online inquiry is automatically entered into your contact management dashboard. It frees your time to do business and reminds you when it's time to follow-up to enhance client retention.

Sign up for a trial today and see how vCita Small Business CRM can be instrumental in client retention. You have nothing to lose—except your clients! 

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