Silicon Valley Research Group Leverages vCita & the Web to Conduct Market Research

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Silicon Valley Research Group Leverages vCita & the Web to Conduct Market Research


Web-to-end solution ensures the right person is scheduled for the right research at the right time and rewarded with the right gift.

Silicon Valley Research Group (SVRG) is a global market research and strategy development firm based in San Jose with offices in Seattle and New York. With more than 15 years experience and a premier global provider of technology market research, SVRG completes projects for some of the world’s leading technology companies including Microsoft, RealNetworks, Telus and others. SVRG analysts offer in-depth technology knowledge and consistently deliver unparalleled insight into the dynamics of the technology market.

Ending Scheduling Hassles
SVRG conducts qualitative research by incentivizing respondents to test products in their natural habitat. Respondents are more relaxed and the research is conducted with an at-home visit or Skype call at the respondent’s convenience. Respondents are emailed a link to an online scheduling system to select the best date and time for the study.

SVRG was using an online scheduling tool to book research evaluations, but found the software to be limiting and error-prone. SVRG respondents would book online and believed the appointment was confirmed, only to later learn that the program had not completed the booking transaction and they would have to rebook. SVRG needed a solid, hassle-free and reliable online scheduling tool that would be easy for respondents to use and accommodate multiple staff calendars. SVRG also desired more responsive customer support.

But Wait, There's More...
Al Nazarelli, CEO of Silicon Valley Research Group, found the vCita Web Engagement Platform through an Internet search. Nazarelli visited the vCita website and soon discovered that vCita was more than just online scheduling software. Nazarelli liked that vCita supported multiple calendars and offered automated follow-up reminders for his staff. It was easy to use, versatile and flexible—and a link to schedule an appointment could be added to any email or email signature. He liked the ease of use and automatic appointment reminders to respondents. Plus, vCita offered more than online scheduling with Client Management and Online Payments and Invoicing. It was a complete solution. Nazarelli registered for vCita Teams, which included the entire vCita suite: Online Scheduling, Client Management and Online Payments and Invoicing.

The Right Respondent, the Right Time, the Right Solution
SVRG now leverages the entire vCita Web Engagement Suite. Groups of research respondents range in size from 20 to 60 and potential respondents are filtered using vCita Client Management. Through the vCita system, respondents are sent an email with a link to schedule their evaluation by booking the appointment online. Respondents and SVRG staff are sent confirmations when appointments are set and reminders prior to the appointment. vCita Client Management collects respondent data, including social media and a photo, and builds a comprehensive history of the relationship available as a profile. By reviewing the respondents profile in vCita Client Management, SVRG staff can better prepare prior to the appointment.

Once the evaluation is complete, SVRG accounting staff reviews client profile data, and verifies the appointment took place. Based on the appointment showing as completed, SVRG sends the respondent a gift card in appreciate for their time. If the respondent was a no-show or cancelled, the client dialogue reflects the missed appointment and accounting does not remit the incentive.

“vCita is a great solution for us as it is easy to use, saves time and most of all, it works,” says Al Nazarelli, CEO of Silicon Valley Research Group. “vCita customer support is always there if we have a question.”

Nazarelli wishes others would use vCita so his personal life would be as easy.

“If I could get people like my hair stylist to use vCita, then that would solve everything... I wouldn’t have to call her and hope she has her appointment book handy and then call back and try scheduling again. Life would be so much easier if everyone would use vCita.”  

For more information, visit vCita at, email or call 855-824-8244. For a printer friendly version, click here.

A special thanks to Al Nazarelli, CEO of silicon Valley Research Group. He can be reached at, call 408.920.0361 or visit


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