Learn how a Homeopathic Veterinarian Organically Grows her Practice with vCita

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Learn how a Homeopathic Veterinarian Organically Grows her Practice with vCita

Web-to-End Solution Spans the Globe to Help Bring Quality Pet Care 

• Medical consultations are scheduled through vCita LiveSite, managing multiple time zone and geographic location

• Clients can choose the service, the time and prepay in one online experience

Dr. Patricia Jordan is a 1986 graduate of the north Carolina College of Veterinary Medicine. In 2000, she found Holistic medicine and her curiosity was ignited. She is an author, lecturer and practicing veterinarian specializing in homeopathic care. She is also an Adjunct Professor for Kingdom College of Natural Health. From bisons and monitor lizards to camels and guinea pigs, Dr. Jordan is a recognized leader in homeopathic veterinary medicine and an authority on vaccine issues.

Building a Global Practice
After 15 years practicing traditional veterinary medicine, Dr. Jordan began building her homeopathic veterinary practice in Asheville, North Carolina. Her goal was to provide natural, organic alternative treatments to animals. Dr. Jordan looked at the Internet as her primary business vehicle.

She enlisted the help of Dorothy Hall of Small Business Innovations, a print and online graphic design firm. Dorothy realized that Dr. Jordan needed a way for patients to reach her through her website. Email was not the best solution to schedule consultations, especially consultations spanning multiple time zones. Dorothy recommended vCita Web Engagement Platform and Dr. Jordan agreed.

A Purr-fect Solution....
Dorothy quickly integrated the vCita Web Engagement Platform into Dr. Jordan’s WordPress website. Dorothy created a branded LiveSite, including photo and color palette so it was a seamless addition to her website. Dr. Jordan’s website is now engaging pet owners and offering an interactive communications portal for her patients.

All consultations are scheduled through vCita on Dr. Jordan’s website. Visitors to the site can send a message through Dr. Jordan’s LiveSite or schedule an appointment online with a click. Visitors can then book a phone consult, an in-person appointment or a Skype video call.

Dr. Jordan has preset her available hours so appointments always fit into her schedule. Clients are required to schedule at least 48 hour in advance so Dr. Jordan can review any files or lab work prior to the consult and provide the highest quality of care possible.

Get Connected with vCita
“I have provided care for patients as far away as Dubai, Newfoundland and Mexico. With vCita, I’m able to provide care to any animal anywhere,” says Dr. Patricia Jordan. “vCita has been a blessing. It helps me achieve my dream of offering quality homeopathic medicine to improve the lives of pets and connect with people all over the world.”
Dr. Jordan especially likes vCita automatic reminders to follow-up with patients after a consult or therapy course. “I love the reminders. It helps me to send a thank you note and inquire as to the current health of my patient,” says Dr. Jordan. “It is extremely important to follow-up, especially if the animal was very ill. I want the client to know I am there to help no matter what.”

For more information, visit vCita at www.vcita.com, email sales@vcita.com or call 855-824-8244. For a print friendly version, click here.

 Dr. Patricia Monahan Jordan has been a member of the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) and a practicing veterinarian for the past 25 years. Dr. Jordan established four different veterinary facilities, originating six new veterinary facilities, certified by the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board.

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