Sync Your Calendar with Outlook

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Sync Your Calendar with Outlook


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To sync your calendar with Outlook:

*You may need to enable the option to publish your Outlook 365 calendar to Internet in your Outlook account settings. Please click here to learn more. Or for Exchange users please click here to learn more.
1. Click (or right click) on Calendar in the Navigation Pane in Outlook Web App.
2. Click Share, then select Publish This Calendar to Internet*. If you've already published your calendar, click Change Publishing Settings.
3. Under Publishing Detail, select Availability Only.
4. Under Publish my calendar, select the time span you want to publish. Publishing will start on the current date.
5. Under Access level, select Restricted.
6. Click Start Publishing.
7. Copy the URL for your calendar from Calendar Links (If you have more than one link, choose "Subscription link").
8. To return to your vCita account, click on Settings then select Calendar and click on Other icon.
9. Paste the URL in the text box and click the Synchronize button.

* Please note: With Outlook 2011 (Outlook for Mac), appointments may be added to the calendar in a different time than the appointment was actually scheduled. The time displays on the email notification sent from vCita is the correct time.

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