Driving More Business through Facebook

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Driving More Business through Facebook


According to Facebook, thirty million small businesses worldwide update their Facebook pages at least once a month. About 1 million pay for Facebook ads.  But no one has any numbers as to how many Facebook fans are engaging with small business pages and becoming clients.   

Often for small businesses, social media marketing means local marketing for clients. According to a blog post by Scott Ayers in Post Planner, he states that the number one goal for as small business Facebook page is to engage. When posting to your Facebook page, ensure your post will catch the attention of your followers and get them to engage with your posts. He suggests that if you fail at this, you will probably fail at running your Facebook page. 

Let’s say your page has about 700 Likes, but nearly 70 people Liked your post about Bees and Pollination. That’s a 10% engagement rate. No one in marketing will complain about a 10% engagement rate. 

Building a rapport is critical to building a clientele. People don’t want a hard sell every day. They want content, but more importantly, useful content so they can learn and grow their business.

Start by posting photos, facts or questions and engaging your fans. Build trust with your followers and get them talking on your posts. Then, once you’ve built this relationship, mix in posts with links to your services and website. If you only concentrate on sales content, eventually engagement will fall and you’ll just be talking to yourself. 

Share your philosophy of the company and offer tips for your clients to succeed. Become a part of your client’s life, not just until the deal closes. Engage clients where they are, answer questions, troubleshoot, post updates. Share events, educate and communicate and if you have employees, invite them to join in. Engaging your staff and letting them share their experiences helps show clients how interconnected we all are. 

Personalizing your posts, but remaining professional is also important. You are not just a business, you are a person. Avoid the jargon or internal buzzwords. Maintain a comfortable style so the reader stays engaged. And don’t be afraid to share one of your client’s posts. Remember it’s just as important for you to engage with your clients as it is for them to engage with you.

Another way to encourage client engagement is to add the vCita Web Engagement Platform to your Facebook page. You can quickly add a Cita contact form to your Facebook page. You can customize the form to align with your brand, add fields to collect additional information and more. Once a client completes the form, you’re automatically emailed a notification. Each request is also saved for future reference in vCita Client Management. Here, you can easily view and manage each request and even schedule a follow-up with vCita Online Scheduling. The vCita contact Form App and Online Scheduling App are easy to use and offer a simple way for clients to initiate through social media.

 After all, shouldn’t social media be social? 

Learn more about the vCita Web Engagement Platform and make your Facebook page more social. 

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