Advantages of Online Scheduling Software

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Advantages of Online Scheduling Software

Why use online scheduling software? Well, if you are a small business and don’t want to miss a meeting, a call or follow-up with an important client, and hate having post-it notes stuck to your monitor so you remember, then you will love online scheduling. Online scheduling software is more efficient and increases productivity. You'll wonder how you ever lived with out it.

But wait, there’s more…

Every visitor to your website is a potential client and not offering a vehicle for them to engage is a lost opportunity. Online scheduling offers online visitors the opportunity to connect, to reach out and communicate through any Internet-enabled device. Online scheduling crosses time zones and geography, and is faster than email. Online scheduling streamlines the appointment setting process by letting the client choose what time works best for him/her.

Online scheduling software saves time. It’s immediate, non-intrusive and most of all, it’s available 24/7. For the business, it eliminates having staff spend time taking calls and manually entering appointments into a calendar. Manual entry is also more prone to booking errors. Plus, online scheduling can be good for business. The Small Business SaaS Advisory suggests that if you promote your online scheduling feature, businesses can see at least a 50% to 70% increase in customers booking online.

No-shows can kill efficiency. There is nothing worse than booking an appointment only to have the client not show up. According to one Advisory, deploying an online scheduling tool with automated reminders can dramatically improve no-show rates. Some surveys state that automatic appointment reminders can reduce no-shows by a whopping 50%. Implementing a policy where repeat offenders prepay often helps eliminate no-shows as well.

When reviewing online scheduling software, look for one that is easy, intuitive and offers an immediate return on investment.

Look at limits on how many appointments can be made or messages exchanged. Ask about branding, customization, automatic confirmations, notifications and reminders. Find out how you are notified of new booking requests and if there is the ability to display services and fee schedules, and the ability to pay online. 

Often online scheduling is just the cornerstone of an end-to-end web engagement platform. Adding a client or contact management piece that is fully integrated with the scheduling tool helps to eliminate rekeying new client info, communications, tracking  and follow-up. Adding the final piece, online payments and invoicing, just rounds out the service so it completes the entire client engagement cycle. By having all components, online scheduling becomes part of a larger story, one of an engaging website that helps acquire more business, delights clients and helps you provide amazing service.

After all, having a great service nowadays just isn’t enough. Delivering amazing customer service can be the key to differentiating your business from the pack.

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