Web Pros Share How to Build a Better Website

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Web Pros Share How to Build a Better Website

As you know, vCita works closely with web professionals all around the world. We integrate with Wix, WordPress, Duda, Web.com, Drupal and any other platform. Web professionals share best practices and we in turn, want to share them with you. 

Ensure Each Page Brings Value. Seems simple enough, but you'd be surprised how many websites fail to offer something useful or interesting to the visitor. Step back and take a good, objective look at each web page. Study the content, the graphics. Ask yourself: What are you offering? Would you take time to read this page?

No Animation. Animation and sound is distracting. Ever open a website at work and have it blast music with some poorly created animation dancing off your screen? Visitors with slow connections may resent that you forced them to load animations and sound files. And, having a video start without warning could irritate a visitor, especially when located in a quiet cube farm.

According to one study, visitors greeted with blinking ads are more likely to leave the site immediately without clicking on anything. And, they are far less likely to bookmark the site, return, link to it or recommend it. Give your visitors a pleasant experience by eliminating the animation.

Minimize Clicking. Put as few clicks between your visitor and information as possible. The more you force your visitors to click thorugh your site, the more likely they will leave. If they don't leave, they will probably be annoyed or not view your content—neither of these results are positive.

Homeward Bound. Always provide a way back to the home page. When a visitor gets lost, they want to go back to where they came—and the home page is square one. Also include a menu on every page so if they decide to travel on to a new page, they can do so easily and quickly.

Optimal Page Size. Most users have screens that are at least 1024x768 pixels. Some designers make their pages work at sizes as small as 770 pixels wide so not to offend less than 1% of users with 800x600 screens. This means 99% of users will have a less than optimal experience because of the 1%. The suggested width limit is 1200 pixels or less so it's not too wide (edge to edge) on big monitors.

Readability. This should be a no-brainer, but so many people ignore the most simple rule. We've said it before and we will say it again. Make the font readable, a decent size so visitors don't have to squint. Some web designers suggest 12 or 13 px Arial or 11 or 12 px Verdana. Regardless of the font you use, make sure it's easy to read.

So how many of these no-no's are you guilty of? Most are quick fixes and will make your website more engaging to the visitor. After all, you spent time and energy on creating the site. Now you have driven visitors to your site, don't you want them to stay and choose you as the preferred business?

If you're a web professional, consider our White Label progam, You can transform your client's site into a vCita LiveSite and earn some serious coin. Or become an affiliate and as a web professional, you can get credit for each subscription.

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