How Online Marketers Can Make More Money

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How Online Marketers Can Make More Money

Online marketers often create a site and provide routine maintenance for a monthly fee or
an hourly rate. Some offer an "all in one" package with hosting. While others create and sell web templates, offer training, redesign services or become affiliate marketers during the ebbs and flows of the year. This generates some income, but the bulk is not recurring.

The ideal is to create passive income streams to create a steady, predictable cash flow. According to Smart Passive Income, passive income is defined as "building online businesses that take advantage of systems of automation that allow transactions, cash flow and growth without requiring real-time presence."  In short, invest your time upfront, create value and reap the benefits later.

So how do you create passive income as an online marketer?

Imagine for a minute. What if you could create an offering for the long-term, by transforming a client's new or current website into a working asset that would be of such value, you would be assured of long-term cash flow?

Introducing vCita LiveSite.

vCita LiveSite is a natural addition to any online marketers toolkit. vCita transforms a traditional, static website into a lead capturing, sales driving, service delivering online tool that optimizes the user experience so they return again and again. Web designers, developers, programmers and any online professional can easily integrate vCita LiveSite into any website and create long-term recurring revenue with each annual subscription.

Clients will love the LiveSite invite. It encourages engagement from the first website visit, capturing the visitor's information and automatically populating the vCita CRM Contact Management. New and existing clients can schedule an appointment, message, share a document or even pay online at the point of engagement—easily doubling or even tripling business opportunities. The self-service portal is available 24/7 so LiveSite is working when your client isn't.

You can setup LiveSite in minutes—literally! Quickly customizing it with branding, services and other options. Training your client is fast and easy—usually less than 30 minutes for the entire suite. 

Many online marketers include LiveSite as part of their web dev and design package as LiveSite complements any "all in one" offering. Or it can easily be promoted as an ala carte value-add service, with additional fees for setup and training. vCita is the perfect compliment to email marketing programs, creating calls-to-action in every email campaign, so adding vCita to an email service is a no brainer!

Once the client is onboarded, you can manage the account from a single dashboard, while enjoying the peace of mind of a stable revenue stream year after year.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and learn how you can create passive revenue while offering your clients the best web-to-end solution for small business. With vCita, we make it easy.

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