WIX Scheduling Plugin for WIX Websites by vCita

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WIX Scheduling Plugin for WIX Websites by vCita

vCita is proud to offer a WIX scheduling plugin that can help you get more clients by allowing them to scheduling a appointment with you, for your services, right from your WIX website.  You can go to WIX.com to find out more and follow the directions below, Or visit our website directly to find more small business tools

To add vCita scheduler to your Wix website follow the steps below:
  1. On the Wix Editor, click App Market
  2. In the search box type "vCita" and click the search icon
  3. Select vCita Scheduler then click Add to site
  4. Click on App Settings and fill in your vCita account ID (your email with vCita). 
    Your details should be automatically filled, click on Continue.

    *If you don't have a vCita ID a new one will automatically be created once you click on Continue.
  5. Choose the type of widget you like to add - Calendar/ Service Menu/ Button
    For mobile compatibility choose the Select the Button option.
  6. Edit and customize the added widget. Save changes.
Please note:
If you added a Scheduling button yet it is not displayed on your Mobile site, please make sure it is not hidden.
  1. Edit your Mobile site. 
  2. Click on the Hidden Items menu on the left. 
  3. Click on the Eye icon next to Appointment Scheduler

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