Effortless Client Billing & Invoicing Is Here

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Effortless Client Billing & Invoicing Is Here


Aren't you tired of producing and mailing invoices, reminding your clients to pay and collecting checks?

The vCIta invoicing and online payments solution includes everything you need, to make this process almost effortless. See how it works:

You can request a payment for any service or product you offer. To save time- vCita will automatically offer you the services you included in your vCita scheduler, but you can always add other service or product and type in its information.
You can also add your business logo and information – which will appear on all your invoices.

2.    Print or email your invoice
Once the invoice is ready you can either print it or email it to your client.
vCita lets you save your invoice as draft, and even duplicate an existing invoice so you don't have to type everything again and again.

3.    Collect payment online
Get paid faster by offering your clients to pay their invoice online using Credit Card or Paypal.

4.    Set a due date and get reminded when payments are late
You can set a Due Date to any invoice you create. When the payment is late vCita can remind you of the late payment and offer you to send a reminder to the client. This way- you will never lose a payment!

5.    Manage your invoices
You'll have a summary of all invoices with their updated status, so you could always know which of your invoices were paid, which are late, and which needs to be sent.

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