The New vCita Calendar- Manage Your Business Calendar Like Never Before

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The New vCita Calendar- Manage Your Business Calendar Like Never Before


Managing your client scheduling and appointment booking efficiently is one of the keys for Small Business success.

When we designed our new vCita calendar, we decided to focus on Small Business special features and requirements, to help you take your small business to new levels of success.

Hassle–free Scheduling

We all know that scheduling and appointment booking can be a hassle, emailing back and forth, reminder calls, can be such a mess. With the vCita calendar you can simply book any type of appointment in just few clicks and let vCita handle all the rest for you. The system will notify the client of the scheduled appointment with all appointment details and remind both you and the client of the coming appointment via email.

Manage Your Day And Always Keep In Sync With Your Calender 

The vCita calendar allows you to manage your schedule at vCita or keep it in-sync with your existing online calendar and/or phone.
All scheduled and tentative appointments will automatically show up on your vCita calendar as well as any existing calendar. You can view your "Daily schedule”, block times when you're not available, add other events and invite for an appointment or schedule time in your appointment book.

You and your staff can review, accept or reject meeting requests at the office or on the go. View your daily or monthly calendar, previous client requests and correspondence.

Self-Service Appointment Booking For Your Clients

This is where it gets even better, you can offer your clients a simple way to schedule appointments with you, when you're available, and have your calendar filled up for you!
You can offer online scheduling as an integrated button or widget on your website, send "A link to schedule an appointment" in emails and add it to your email signature, and even on your Facebook page, using the vCita Facebook app
Your clients can select a service from your pre-defined services list, and pick a time based on your up-to-date calendar and your availability.
You can even have vCita accept the appointment automatically for you.

You can learn more about the calendar options, and find out how to set your business hours, offered services and more about setting up online scheduling

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