Online Scheduling On Your Website

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Online Scheduling On Your Website


Simple ways to contact you and schedule time with you - can bring big value to your small business

Show your updated availability at all times:
The most convenient thing for clients who want to schedule appointments with you, would be to know exactly when you're available– and pick the best time for them.
vCita online scheduling offers this exact experience for you and your clients!

You can integrate online scheduling in your website as a simple "Schedule now" button, or even include a live calendar for clients to pick times from.  (Don't worry - clients will only see your available times and not the full calendar and appointments …)

The vCita online scheduling solution will show your availability based on your business hours and block times when you're not available. You can also sync your existing calendar at Google, Outlook Apple calendar and more with vCita - so appointments and events on this calendar will be taken into consideration, and your availability will be in sync at all times.

More fun facts about the vCita scheduling calendar widget:
  • The online scheduling widgets can easily be integrated with any web-platform, including Wix, WordPress and more.
  • The vCita appointment booking service can fit any business. Check out our scheduling showcase!
  • You can offer any service you'd like with the vCita online scheduler.  If you want to offer more than one service, you can show a list of services for your clients to choose from, before selecting a timeslot for the service.
  • You can offer your clients to select up to 3 suggested time-slots for an appointment.
  • You can customize a thank you note that will appear right after your clients finish scheduling time with you.

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