Going From Local To Global With Online Scheduling And Online Meetings

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Going From Local To Global With Online Scheduling And Online Meetings

Your website can be seen all over the world and that exposure can potentially open your business to new markets and audience.However, many small business owners find it too difficult to overcome the challenge of providing a good service on a global market due to time zone differences and logistics.
Clients might avoid long distance calls or call in after hours, and email correspondence might be too daunting.

vCita makes it easy to engage with clients all around the globe!

Add vCita Online Scheduler to your website and allow prospects and clients to schedule a service, a demo or a consultation, over the phone or online.

Clients will see your available time to meet adjusted to their time zone no matter where they are.
Use vCita phone conference service to conduct the meeting and save your clients the hassle and expense of long distance calls.
Once the meeting is confirmed you and your client will each receive a local phone number and a code to connect to the conference call and you can add up to 5 participants.
You can also choose to set up a video meeting using Skype, Google Hangout or any other online video service you prefer.
To learn more about vCita scheduler and meeting option click here or Start Now with a free account.

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