Welcome To The New vCita Blog

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Welcome To The New vCita Blog


Welcome to vCita's new blog. In a effort to improve our community we have launched this new blog to interact with our clients and customers. If your new to vCita and its services please feel free to review the above video.

What is vCita.com?
vCita presents an integrated approach to engaging website visitors, acquiring clients and providing services online. vCita provides a web-based solution for client communication, scheduling, online video meetings, phone conferencing, billing and payments, that is tightly integrated to your website and other online properties and manageable through a single dashboard.

It all starts with a “Contact and Schedule” widget that makes your online properties actionable, encouraging readers, followers and potential clients to reach out, ask for your advice and quickly schedule time to talk. When people try to schedule a meeting, your availability (based on your work hours or calendar) is displayed. Once you confirm the meeting request, you can meet using vCita video meeting, or switch to a vCita private phone conference. Finally, vCita provides a variety of billing and payment options: you can offer complimentary meetings, set an hourly rate, secure a payment method upfront or bill clients after the meeting.
For entrepreneurs and businesses, vCita offers an opportunity to effectively acquire new clients and provide services – right from their website or using a personalized contact page. It supports the entire process – from engaging visitors, to communicating with leads, meeting clients, providing services and collecting payments.

For bloggers, vCita presents an opportunity to selectively connect with readers and followers, and hear their thoughts and ideas. Additionally, vCita offers a new income opportunity - monetizing your expertise to provide advice to your readers in one-on-one sessions. Bloggers and writers can integrate vCita anywhere they publish content, thereby allowing followers to contact them on the online property of their choosing.
All users start for free – using vCita’s widget, managing contact requests, scheduling time on their calendar and holding online meetings. Only when customers actually bill for their time, advice or services – vCita will ask them to switch to our Business version and pay a monthly subscription 

Recent Developments:
vCita keeps on adding new capabilities to complete the picture for small businesses and individual professionals based on feedback from beta users.
Recent additions include:
- A customized Terms of Service in the meeting scheduling process
- Inviting your existing clients to a video or phone conference, with a payment request incorporated within the invite
- Synchronizing your scheduling availability with your calendar
- A standalone contact page, created and hosted by vCita to promote your offerings and services. (Example can be provided) 
- SMS text message service that can be synced to your phone to allow contacts to get ahold of you right away. (With Paid Services)

By Scott Dutton


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