Meeting Scheduler by vCita: Better Engage Your Website Visitors

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Meeting Scheduler by vCita: Better Engage Your Website Visitors

So you may have noticed I use Online Appointment Scheduling Software (OAS). The vCita Online Appointment Scheduling Software allows website visitors to book appointments with me online, see my
availability via a synced Google Calendar, and for those that are interested, yes it can also be used for payment processing, just sign up and pay a small monthly fee. Very affordable. 

vCita is aimed at consultants, bloggers and small service industry professionals. It won’t be the perfect solution for everyone, but then again the market segments around OAS are rapidly expanding and vCita has surely found a lucrative niche. I should know, I’ve been seriously tracking the OAS industry and market segments, having built a comprehensive market survey and database. There are over 100 Online Appointment Scheduling Software companies vying for a piece of the overall market with more entrants constantly emerging – and indications are that only the surface has been scratched in terms of the available market. For example, Deloitte just conducted a study that found that only 20% of physicians use websites that allow online scheduling. Now, consider the number of bloggers and consultants that there are, and it is easy to project that there is a lot expansion available; vCita is well positioned for its target market. By the way vCita is free to users who do not charge for their online appointments – perfect for those wishing to use the service to establish new relationships.  

vCita stands out for a number of reasons… First, vCita is representative of a new crop of OAS tools that are combining technologies to form “disruptive approaches.” What is so disruptive about vCitaRead more>>

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