vCita Helping Freelancers

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vCita Helping Freelancers

Part of the new economy seems to involve a lot of people doing freelance work, often remotely and generally on a case-by-case basis. I know I fall into that class and it seems that a huge number of the people I converse with on Twitter are also.

One of the problems I face is the age old hassle of wrangling timetables, solving calendar issues, setting up video conferencing and (hopefully) being paid. When I was in Israel in December I met up with the founder of vCita, a company that wants to provide an integrated solution to all of those problems.

So, What is the business problem vCita is trying to solve? According to vCita founder Itzik Levy, many professionals try to create a web presence and leverage it to grow their business. They write a blog, use social media, and contribute content to expert networks. But only a few actually provide their services online, and effectively benefit from internet communication to acquire new clients and running they business.

The idea behind vCita therefore is to help bloggers and experts engage their followers online, and offer meetings and advice. vCita provides an end-to-end solution for communicating with potential clients, scheduling sessions, conducting online meetings or conference calls, and collecting payments for your services.

So, what does it do?  Read more>>

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